Monday, October 13, 2014

Good Moed to Me and You and Everyone

Sunday October 12, 2014

I am thinking of memory, consumed by the idea.  On Rosh HaShanah the essential concept of G-d's kingship and the command of the biblical blowing of the shofar are joined by memory to form the major 3 themes of the day. What do we ask G-d to remember? The ten sources cited seem weighted in our favor (though on Yom Kippur we tilt it the other way).

Yesterday was my birthday.  I am grateful to G-d for my life.  My life, like everyone's, is my story.  And how I tell it to others and to myself is based on how I remember it and how I remember it is biased. We are all unreliable narrators.  This may be particularly true about our own lives.

And yet.

I put a high premium on honesty.

And yet.

As I live a moment that moment disappears, except for my memory.



Yesterday I dreamed of a magnum opus kind of post for what I was writing above.  The last line of it was written in a sukkah.  A stranger offered me some seltzer and I said no thanks and he left the bottle and a cup for me anyway.  The memory lives on.

Now I am visiting with my dad as I did a week ago and the week before that and so on.  We're watching Jeopardy and he's on the phone with his best friend of about 80 years.  A commercial for CVS just started with, "The wish we wish above all is health."  That's what I call a healthy message.  I am thinking, like Butch Cassidy, always thinking.  I will probably remember this moment and the moments like it,these visits, this connection.  Dad's getting off the phone, saying, "Okay, let me go and talk to my son."' So I sould be present for that.

Good Moed and may G-d bless us all to be enveloped in his Sukkah of health, happiness, and peace.


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