Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Good Erev Yom Tov

I'm starting this post on a cab and hopefully will finish it in Spring Valey/Monsey wher I am heading for Yom Tov, which, please G-d will be upon us soon.  Two dear old frieds that I hadn't  spoken to in some time called me today while I was scurrying to head out. I've known one since 1975 and the other since 1983. Neither knew that yesterday was my Jewish birthday and Shabbos is my secular one.

Just arrived at my destination.  I pray for inspiration to write something meaningful.  And then I will sign off and settle into my physical surroundings and into the Yamim Tovim.

Life is religious and spiritual or it is not a full life. I have liberal sympathies and yet I believe what I just wrote.  I think that being spiritual is, as Rabbi Abraham Twerski sees it, being truly human and embracing our humanness over our anialistic side.  Then religion takes it up a notch.

May these days upon us be truly spiritual and truly religious and truly transformative.

One of my friends who called me say that about 20 years ago I told him the following. I don't recall saying it.  I wonder. He says that I said that the Vilna Gaon was asked what the hardest mitzvah is. he said that it was Sukkos because we are commande to be happy for the whole holiday and that is very challenging to do.

May we be blessed to be happy on Sukkos, rich with all we have, and may it overflow into the year.


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