Sunday, September 28, 2014

Space Haiku

I say I need space
But sometimes I have too much
Call me Goldilocks

The spaces we take
can make all the difference
about where we stand

On Shabbos we stop
focussing on just space and
spend some time with time

Space is key to art
and life is a work of art.
Always leave some space

The space between us
makes me scared when we are close.
Closeness scares me too.

When I went to sleep
long ago as a child
I would glide through space

Physically too
continuous areas
I often crave space

Dimensions hold us
We get stuck in time and space
for they don't hold G-d

We need permission
to breathe and take needed space
and to be honest

Alone in his space
He rubs his face and exhales
Yearning to embrace


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