Sunday, July 13, 2014

On Billy Collins and His haiku

These are from Billy Collins' haiku book.

High cry of a hawk,
cracking ice across the lake—
enough of my talk.

Mid-winter evening,
alone at a sushi bar—
just me and this eel.

Travel tomorrow,
so much I must leave behind—
this lake, this morning.

Moon in the window—
the same as it was before
there was a window.

More can be found here.

I was prompted to google and find these after buying this book tonight.  I don't know if I'm capable of seeing a book with Billy Collins' name on the cover- whether it's edited by or compiled by or introduction by.

Earlier today I discovered that a cousin of mine is into race car driving.  So I mentioned this book.  Then I read that the author said that his inspiration for the book was The Revenant by Billy Collins, which you can see him read here.

I'd really like to meet Billy and chat with him. It's worth a shot.  He's not far away...


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