Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Movies I've Seem With Family

 I was just sorting through old videos that I plan to bring to Goodwill.  I found Nothing in Common, which got me thinking.  Here's an incomplete and probably not fully accurate list of which family members I saw some movies with that I remember.

With Mom

Nothing In Common
For Pete's Sake
A Harry Potter
A Lord of the Rings
Mad Money
Godfather II

With Mom and Bro

Thoroughly Modern Millie
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Cold Turkey
The Horse in The Gray Flannel Suit
The Sorcerer and the Stone
Some Planet of the Apes
Peter Pan

With Mom and Dad

Frisco Kid
Rocky II
The Chosen
Field of Dreams

With Brother

Towering Inferno
Kentucky Fried Movie
Some Planet of the Apes
Murder By Death

With Mom, Dad, and Brother

Fiddler on the Roof
Poseiden Adventure
The Bible
The Sting
Annie Hall
Stardust Memories
Love and Death
Live and Let Die
Dr. No
Live and Let Die

With Dad

The Deep
Million Dollar Baby
No Way Out
Space Cowboys
Let's Do it Again
Charriots of Fire
Tunnel Vission

With Dad and Bro

The Boatnicks
Diamonds Are Forever

With Brother and Sister In Law

Ghostbusters II
Mr. Saturday Night


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