Saturday, July 26, 2014

Last night I had a kind of long walk, half hour-ish, home from dinner.  Was concerned about the directions.  Tired.  Finally got to the block I was staying on.  It seemed like the numbers were going down when I needed them to go up. So I turned around walking fast, really wanting to get inside.  Sweating from the heat.  Frustrated, flummoxed. I remember seeing that the sidewalk was wildly uneven.  I'm not sure but I think that's the sidewalk I tripped on.  I didn't get the details of the nature of the sidewalk or how exactly I fell onto it.  I do reacall the senasation of falling fast, of crying out something out, maybe Oh G-d. I remember trying to have control, wanting to have control. Doing some version of the falling forward and putting my hands out and catching myself on my claws and going unscathed.  But this one time in my life so far, it didn't work.  I fell really hard and fast and it was just too much for me to totally stop, though I did mute it a bit. Could have been worse,  Thank G-d.  Not death bad. Not spinal injury bad.  Not broken bones.  But this kind of bad: Badly scraped knee, scraped hand, sore muscles, and the ridge and tip of my nose all scraped and red.  The worst part seems to be the hole between my eyes.  No, I can't explain it, why that indented area got hit so hard.  My friend wants me to check it out ASAP, thinks it needs a stich. We tried to go to a place tonight.  No walk in  (non emergency room) places were open. Other things happened over Shabbos but they all took a back seat to the stress and embarrasment of the fall. The suit is torn and bloody as is my white shirt and my directions sheet, and the repflector my dinner hosts lent me.  A man tried to help me and I'm going to leave out those details for now. I'm still shaken up, yet also grateful;.  Awkward about being seen in public.  Feeling vulnerable and oh so human.

On a related/unrelated note I really want to read and use and be helped by this book, which was reccomended, shown to me, and which I read some of over Shabbos.  Please G-d.


Blogger Jen L. said...

That's especially scary because you were in an unknown place away from home. I totally understand how shaken up you must have felt and I'm so glad you've been healing and feeling better. Jen

August 7, 2014 at 8:41 PM  

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