Friday, July 25, 2014

Check In and Haiku

I have reason to wonder who reads this blog.  I get few to no comments.  Blogs have become a dinasour in ten years. And yet.  It's place for me, it's a record for me, it's kind of a home.

I'm on the clock, as we all are.  It's Shabbos soon.  Sooner for me than some.  I'm eating with friends who are starting early.  Got to get to the shower and then the cab and then the bus and then the walk.  I'm hungry. There's something weird going on with my lips that ChapStick doesn't fix.  I got a treadmill today.  I have one doctor's appointment set for next week.  There's more I need to make, but I'm glad i set something. The last time there was a war I was in Israel and felt very connected.  It's harder being here. I did recently post a poem about it.  Oh man, may G-d help and bless us.  When something big like this is going on it can make our day to day lives seem small.  And yet we all need to take care of ourselves, our lives.

May we all be blessed with a Shabbat of Shalom.

The weekdays scatter
and make way for the big day
that deeply matters


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