Thursday, June 12, 2014

"We Didn't have Cake Yet."

The formal part of graduation, the speeches, etc. just ended.  The food part just started, so this post is standing between a Jew and his food.  And yet, I just want to say, while it's fresh, in real time, that I am grateful to G-d to be here.  Again.  And I look forward to more times of hearing reminders of staying strong as a Jew in this world.  I look forward to being impressed by the kids who speak and give me chizuk. Tonight Meira Koslowe said a great chidush about how Chol haMoed isn't just a day of not doing certain melachot, but it is a bridge between Yom Tov and Chol.  And she expressed gratefulness for an education that built a strong bridge for her in this life.  So much more to say.  I'm saying it inside of me.


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