Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday's Guy

11:04 AM - I just got an email asking me to perform a wedding of a (former) student. Answer to FAQ - Yes. (Twice.) (Q- Have you ever performed a wedding?)  ("Since you have always been my favorite Rabbi at Frisch I decided to contact you to see if you perform wedding ceremonies or even  if you haven't, if you would be willing to perform mine.")

Last night another college recommendation request came in: "I appreciate you taking the time to write my recommendation, it means the world to me that you could represent me." 

Appreciation is helpful to me as a human being.

Spending time with dad.  Got here at about 11:30 (12?) last night post Shabbos in Brooklyn. 9 AM minyan.  Sitting and talking and watching the Sunday morning politico shows, as many times before.

They're talking about Eric Cantor's loss, and how he was out of touch and not trusted by people- so they say.

11:20 - Just got email from my computer guru. It seems my new home comp has a virus and I shouldn't use it till he can come by, which won't be for a while. Can I sigh about that, or in the scheme of life issues should I barely feel affected by it? The latter.

11:34 AM - Just ordered for dad a gift that he said he wanted. That makes me happy.

12:01 PM - My brother just came downstairs and gave us Tehillim as they are now saying Tehillim at the Kotel en masse for the kidnapped boys.

4:08 PM - Took the bus to a cab, got home at 2ish. Got some solid final grading done. 

Listening to The Moth.  Today is the first day I've ever listened to it, though it's been recommended before.  There's something holy about people's true stories in their own raw words. There's something about this that I love.  And there's something about this in all its realness and just being what it is that helps me get what rubs me wrong about Ted Talks, which is so polished and agenda driven.

I'm listening to one now about a stutterer. Heard one before about the meaning of baseball in a family, and another about a boy and the vet father who let him go.  These are amazing in their realness.

5:59 PM - I wrote dad Father's Day wishes earlier today.  What he wrote me back means a lot to me:

"You write the nicest messages, for which I thank you very, very much. I want you to always know that I love you very much,with no limitations -Dad"

7:01 PM - Just finished a 2 hour and 40 minute phone conversation.

10:22 PM - Spoke with a relative making a wedding soon, a person who is real, and kind, and present. 


11:17 PM - Left dad a phone message and sent him an email a few minutes ago.

Just discovered the song, "Was That The Human Thing to Do?" That's a good question to always ask ourselves.

11:59+ - May G-d bless us all to be present and aware, honest, real, and kind.

Good night and G-d bless
the selfish and the unkind
to tweak their beliefs


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