Sunday, June 01, 2014

Some Sunday Words

Oh man. Thank G-d.  These two phrases pour out of me, now, during intense times.

I don't know what to write here.  And yet I've written well over 5000 posts.

Somewhere I have an email from years ago in which my dad (he should truly live and be well) wrote me how the blog had helped him come to see me more fully, to hear and get who I am. A few years ago I mentioned that I was writing a recommendation for a kid who told me when he asked me that no-one else would write one for him.  (He was a bright kid, always making lists of best rock groups ever and things like that.  Out of the box.  Not your flowers are red kind of student. He ended up getting into a really good school. mainly because his SAT scores were through the roof). Dad told me that he was proud of me for something that he read on my blog.  I guessed what it was.

It's getting late, I've been writing n this slowly throughout the day.  Last night I slept 4 hours. Really is a time to sleep.


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