Friday, June 06, 2014

Post Shavuot Post - Pat II

10:29 AM - Two students just walked in and we need to talk.  I'm just taking the second I meant to take before they entered my office.

"Very powerful post Shavuot post. Thank you for sharing. " Got this comment in an email and it's encouraged me (at least in theory, as I juggle work and life) to share more.  Soon. Maybe. Hopefully. 

11:10 AM - My people are talking about the movie version of The Fault in Our Stars, which opened today.  The times hit it hard, but most critics liked it.  I know of one person who say it at the first showing last night, and others (one mother daughter team) who are seeing it this afternoon. My two cents are that I'm glad it sounds like a good movie, but it does not sound like it is as subtle, humorous and amazingly human as the book.  I like what this one critic wrote, but I think that for it to be as good as the book is too much to ask for and what this critic (Travis Hopson) writes is kind, but hard to believe. Hazel Grace never would have bought it: "Everything that made John Green's book so great is here, so maybe just this once the world really is 'a wish-granting factory.'"EW gives it a B.  They, like others seems to think that the actress playing hazel is in a league above that of the actor playing gus.

11:40 AM - Recently an elementary school has started practicing their graduation in the Shul next to my office.  i made it through their Star Spangled banner and Hatikvah, but their lechah Dodi to the tune of Leonard Cohen's Haleluya is feeling laborious.  

I am feeling very, understandably tired.  I still say to say no to caffeine and that's what I do. I've been off caffeine for over 20 years.  I like feeling tired when i'm tired and not being kept awake by a drug.  And yet I don't like it.

There is so much work today, today and beyond- till promotion day, weeks away.  

I need to jump into today.  And yet, i'm still holding Shavuot inside me.  

Yesterday was the first time in the four and a half years since mom died that I cried during Yizkor. Yizkor is not a particularly emotional recital.  You each say the paragraph and done.  it's on time I could use a good rabbi's speech. Somehow, yrsterday the simple truth got to me.

Like last year and pretty much every year before that i stayed up all night Shavuot night.  I'm still tired form that and from other factors. 

My life is intense and busy.  packed. I am haunted by a year ago at this time. Dad fell on Friday night (a bad fall, thoug as one quirky doctor put it, relatively speaking, he fell well...

A student just came in with stuff.  Got to let go of the rest of my life and be present for him.  And then I have to be present for paperwork.


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