Friday, June 06, 2014

One of Many Good Moments During a Holy Shavuot, For Which I Am Grateful to G-d

Over Shavuot someone told me that Shlomo Carlebach said that there's only one thing people are more afraid of than the dark, and that's the light.

Shortly after that someone told me that his unique name, which means light was mocked by a rebbe of his, who in fifth grade, called him by the Hebrew word for darkness for a whole year, simply to be mean, because he could. I reacted with horror. I told him the Reb Shlomo insight and observed that this man was afraid of this boy's light.

He took it in and I saw him feel better about that old unhealed wound. And then this bright, talented, kind man returned my truthful kindness and told me that he can see what makes me a good teacher.


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