Friday, June 06, 2014

Erev Shabbos

3:10 PM - Shabbos plans were not without their stress (what is?) but now what I'm doing is set.  Not going away.  Staying in.  having company.  Need to prepare.

Did a lot of work today.  it feels endless from an emotional and physical perspective, both.

I'm going on a few hours of sleep and it's starting to catch up with me.  Miles to go...

Work to do.  Shooting to get the bus to the bus at 3:40 (but sometimes it comes early...).  Shopping on the way home.

Hope to continue to post at home.

6:32 PM - Home. I hope the heavy bags of livestock didn't spoil during the walk from 179 and Ft. Wash to 187 and laurel Hill. I can't believe it but cabs do turn you down. Many of them. In the whole neighborhood.  There was some bad jam up. Thank G-d, somehow, I made it.


6:52 PM - Settling in, cooling dowm, breathing (before Yom Tov we were asked to write our name on a tag and to aklso write things we like doing.  i wrote a lot opgf things, icluding breathing.  someone read it, thought about it and then announced, "You must mean deep breathing." (I like regular breathing. it makes me feel alive.)

7:26 PM - Just spoke with dad. He was listening to NPR about Normandy, remembering. We spoke for a while.  I love my dad. One of the nice things about the blog is that dad came to see me through it.  Another thing about the blog (along with other places where I journal) is that somewhere I have accounts of things that have happened, as they happened.

 PM - Praying for peace, Shabbat and beyond.


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