Friday, May 30, 2014

Good Erev Shabbos

I like this 8 year old post, which includes a DT on Nassa (2 actually) memories of youth and thoughts about this time of year...

Things have been intense lately.  And when I say lately, I mean the last year.

I think of things as i remember them, random things sometimes from today's morning sometimes from years ago.

I just thought of Tropicana blocks. A friend of mine, about 20 years ago, took the old Tropicana cartons cut the tops off, inserted one in the other and wallah- he had building blocks.  He made many of them and brought them out when he had families with little ones visiting for Shabbos meals.  I saved cartons, i made the toy blocks.  Lots of them. I invited.  i waited...

A dear friend of mine you used to be a used car salesman told me today that many people in many aspects of life use the oldest used car trick in the book.  It's called stringing along.  You don't give a straight answer.

I am kind of proud of this blog.  it also confounds me.  It's been a long time.  I wonder why i write here. I know of less than a handful of people who read it regularly.  And yet.

I  used to especially love posting here before Shabbos.  It's been a long time since I took that time.  I'm glad I'm taking it now.

And yet.  Times is leaking away and all i have can say is that i wish everyone a wondeful Shabbos, full of rest and peache and G-d given blessings o strength,

It's a new month today, Sivan. This is a month of G-d giving us the Torah.  may we be blessed to take the Torah into our life, more-so and more-so.


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