Wednesday, May 21, 2014

11 Flying Haiku

I don't want to fly
not even like Superman
I just want to glide

Fly away home was
a movie I saw way back
when we were dating

I yearn for the days
when I 'm above the pain and
it feels like flying

The fly in my soup
like the taking of my wife:
faded lines of youth

The day goes just fine
Until I go home and see
my fly is open

They buzz and collide
Flying with some high purpose
I don't understand

When I walk I sigh
and my ears pop when I fly
I stand still and cry

That song is stupid
Don't believe that you can fly
and don't hum that tune

A fly on the wall
is not what I want to be
I see too much now

Fly like an eagle
Steve Miller and his band sang
Maybe, one day

They say that she flies,
but, for me time doesn't fly.
She ambushes me.

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