Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Some In The Moment Blogging

5:20 PM - The end of the day bell is ringing.  I have a good amount of work to do, guidance related.  Emails.  And and and.  i can't let myself leave work now, as my work is not done.  And when i get home it is not done.  I'm waiting on an email tonight relating to a student regarding tomorrow.

I am pausing for a minute.  Catching my breath.  Similar to what I told advised a stressed out student to do just about an hour ago.

I am grateful to G-d for all that I have in my life.  There are no words.  Chasdei Hashem- as a friend of mine likes to say with an aw shucks shrug, as he genuinely expresses joyful gratitude for all G-d has blessed him with.

This blog boggles my mind, almost like life itself.  I've been writing here for 9 years plus.  There's a lot here.  There's a picture of a chunk of a life, my life. I hope if you read what i write here that you find it meaningful.

I am going to write two important work letters now, please G-d.  And will check in again later.

10:49 PM - Wrote those letters, took two busses and a cab home (didn't walk from the station because my toe's really hurting). Got an email from a student that just realized that a recommendation must be submitted tonight.  Wrote and sent that. Another student vented to me at the end of the day and I spent some time on that here at the home office. Got a lot of work emails. Dealt with them. Had dinner and a good talk with a former (is there such a thing) student.

11:21 PM - This world is compared to a beautiful hall and also to darkness.  Which is it? Both.  This world is beautiful. yet covered in darkness. With a Torah life we illuminate the world and reveal its beauty.

Good night and G-d bless.


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