Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pesach Story - Wait A Little Bit Longer

There once was a homeless man who was given a tip by his friend.  He was told, "If you go to a Jewish house on a certain night, you'll get the best meal of your life." So he goes, expecting the best meal ever, and he is disappointed by what he finds.  on the table is some wine and not much else.  they drink one cup of wine and then it's talk, talk talk for a long time.  His stomach is rumbling, he's starving. Time goes on and someone tells him that they're going to have some food.  They all take a bit of parsley and dip it in salt water and eat it- not filling.  Then it's more talk ann more talk, on and on. After a long time he's told that food is coming.  It's a cardboard box filled with a food that looks like more cardboard and tastes like it too. Then they say there's more food- it's a bitter thing that makes him cry. Then he's told that they're going to have a sandwich.  He's thinking hot pastrami.  But no.  it's a sandwich of the bitter stuff of the cardboard.  He runs out of there, furious. He goes to his friend and complains, "You lied to me. You tricked me. You said that I'd have a great meal there and at this house the meal was terrible- the worst meal i ever had." "When did you leave?" his friend asked. He says that he left right after the strange sandwich.  His friend says, "You left just a minute too soon.  If you would have stayed they were about to bring out soup and fish and meat and it really would have been the best meal you ever had."

This, ironically, applies to us. The Jewish People have been through hard times.  And we await the ge'ulah-redemption impatiently.  Sometimes it gets hard and we're ready to give up.  But if we just wait a little longer, the geulah is coming very soon. It will be bigger and better than Yetziat Mitzrayim.  Let's hold on a wait a bit long.  And please G-d we'll all be together next year in Jerusalem - "LeShanah ha'ba'ah beYerushalayim."


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