Thursday, April 24, 2014


We're told three things in Kedoshim, in close proximity to each other. We are told not to hate our friend in our heart.  Then we're told to not speak loshon hara.  And then we are told to give reproach to our friend. It is normal to be bothered by other people sometimes.  We then have an urge to talk about that person. Often we go to another person to talk about the first one.  

The Torah is suggesting that instead of talking about someone that we go to the person himself.  This is very difficult but is possible to achieve if it is done with kindness. And this ties in with another command in this parsha, to love our friends.

Reb Duvedel of Lelover said that he learned what true love was from two drunks that he overheard talking on a park bench.  Onasked the other, "Do you love me?" And the second one said yes.  Then the first one asked the second one to tell him what he needed, swhat he was lacking.  And the second fellow said that he didn't know.   to this the first guy replied, "Then you don't love me.  if you loved me you'd tell me what I need."

May we be blessed to love one another and talk to each other with kindness rather than about each other in frustration.


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