Monday, March 10, 2014

Tzav - Torah Tweet Early In Week

Tzav contains the law of trumat hadeshen, that the ashes of the previous day were cleared away from the altar every morning. Rabbi Samson Rafael Hirsch says that this teaches us that our holy service of today is what counts. We start fresh every morning. In modern parlance, "One day at a time." Focus on the spirituality, the humanity, the opportunity of today. How much chesed can I do today? How much Torah can I learn/teach/live? How can I best pray to and connect to G-d? Hillel, famously asked, "If not now, when?" I think what he might really have meant is that there is no life other than now and therefore if we are not living this moment then when do we think we will ever live life. The lesson of the clearing off the ashes of yesterday's service of G-d is that in our holy lives yesterday's gone and there is only today.


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