Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Short Pirkei Avot Post

See here for an earlier post on Pirkei Avot.

"The bird of the skies may carry the sound, 
and some winged creature may betray the matter." 
- Kohelet 10:20

I came across this pasuk in relation to the pshat of Rabeinu Ovadiah of the mishnah (Avot 2:5) that says, "Don't say something that can't be heard, for in the end it will be heard." 

The next line of the mishnah says not to say that when you'll have time then you'll learn (eshneh) because you may never find the time.  The Tifferet Yisrael notes that ehneh, usually translated to mean to study is more precisely translated as reviewing.  It's easier to learn something the first time.  It's harder to review. The key to getting what we learn into our kishkas by reviewing it is hard.  Yet, reviewing is key- and that's what this mishnah is telling us to resist the urge to resist doing.

Some say that this mishnah is directed particularly toward people working for the community, always doing foir others, always giving from their reservoir of stored knowledge.  But it's important to steal time (another saying of Avot- "Set times to study Torah," 


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