Monday, February 17, 2014

Haiku: Answers About G-d

"Music to my ears"
that applies to lots of things
Most  of all music

Meir Shuster was
so good that Failed Messiah
had no dirt on him

Will we change the world?
Not if we don't change ourselves
Best get up early

"It's just a number"
Not true about age, because-
It's our number

Man turns to child
- taking fruit from the hotel -
"We'll juice these at home"

Sometimes it's kindest
to sit sadly by the side
of your friend who's sad

Don't know about ghosts
I don't think I've seen one yet
But, do they see me?

Both masters and slaves
that's what I think we all are
Till the day we stop

I owe a student
from so many years ago
answers about G-d


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