Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Belated Mishpatim Thought

I didn't get through it this year but I learned parts of Aviva Zornberg's piece on the end of Mishpatim where it describes a brit being made and a story being written and told. She cites Rashi who says that this is a flashback to before the Torah was given, even though it's written afterwards. He also says that the story that was written and told was everything that happened from creation till this moment.  And it was in reaction to hearing this story that the Jewish People were moved to not only say naaseh, but to add nishmah.  Before they started their new, more spiritual phase of life, they needed to hear again everything they lived up to that meoment and take it in as spiritual in light of the Torah they were about to receive.  There's something profound here- vetzarich iyun...


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