Tuesday, February 11, 2014

5 Poems From My Files

Me, Meet Me

We don't feel the age ascribed us
Not in our dreams, not in our dreams
The child inside never dies
You couldn't kill him if you tried

The Baby Calls You to Its Crib

Pain is pain, it's ageless
And loneliness has no face
We all cry from different cages
And the crying does not stop

Until we are touched


  Mother Number Four

  You took part in the family portrait
  Yet, of just you photos number few

  A full of kindness, kind of  person
  Original beauty – of skin and heart

  You grew straight in a bent home
  Saved by real love as only a child

  You listened, G-d listened to you
  Pre childbirth, after mother death

You owned your world, taught us all
That we never get the perfect picture


Remembered Journeys 

Thinking too late
A lot on my plate

Write myself to sleep
Counting dreams like sheep

Riding Peter Pan
Back from Boston and

Lovingly recall
Ein Gedi Waterfall

Going past
Concrete covered grass

Cross Bronx  into Queens
Route 4 haunts, redeems

Forests that adorn
Memories reborn


The Spirit of Aaron Hovers Over the Poetry Reading

when i hear you read
i like it much better
than when you show it to me
standing here, just hovering
i love that
 hovering -
i'm hovering
hey shelley look
i'm hovering
over everyone
really, neil
it's very good
everyone was good
take it slow. 


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