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Shiriyah Torah Bowl 5774

These questions on Sefer Devarim were collected, written, compiled, asked, and judged 
by me.

1. What do the Rambam’s Yad HaChazakah and Sefer Devarim have in common?

2. (Multiple choice) As explained by Rabbi Yitzchak Twerski- Who was the audience of Moshe's speech?

a Am Yisrael b Knesset Yisrael  c Klal Yisrael  d Beit Yisrael

3.  Eretz Zavat Chalav U'Devash- The streets of Israel are not constantly flowing with produce, what is the explanation of this – specifically of the word zavat - given by Rabbi SR Hirsch (or another credible pshat of a peirush)?

4.  Four rules of davening – 1. Don’t feel entitled 2. Ask for mercy 3. Timing is key 4. Choose your words carefully: Recite the first pasuk of Va’Etchnan and show how its words – in order - teach these rules.

5.  How does the Abarbanel answer the question of how Devarim is Divine Torah if it seems to be the words of Mosheh Rabeinu?

6.  What is the ironic relationship between Moshe’s initial words of reluctance to be leader and the name of this book?

7.  How many times is Ahavat Hashem mentioned in the Torah before being mentioned in the Shemah?

8. What are the Shivat HaMinim?

9. What ensured a steady flow of produce in Mitzrayim?

10. What are the categories of the two sides of the Aseret HaDibrot?

11. Which dibrah seems to be on the wrong side?

12.  Name a place listed at the start of Devarim, which is also the name of a character in the Torah.

13.  When is the number 11 mentioned at the very start of Sefer Devarim? (2 answers)  

14. What does man NOT live on alone?

15,  Rather than bread, what does man live on?

16.  What word used in regard to the Melachim who stood over Avraham in his tent is the name of a Parshah in Sefer Devarim?

17  What phrase used to describe the timing of Yetziat Mitzrayim and The Mabul is used regarding Moshe's death? (32:48)

18.  What are the Hebrew words for the signs a fish needs to be kosher?

19. What was Moshe's reasoning for setting up the Arei Miklat in Ever HaYarden though they were not yet fit for use?

20.  According to 3:11 what was 9 Amot long and 4 Amot wide.

21.   According to Rashi why does it say that Moshe spoke Sefer Devarim to ALL of the Jewish People?

22.  When is Hakhel performed?

23.  In future times we are told that Hashem will ________ our hearts.

24.   What kind of mitzvot does Rashi say are refered to by the word eikev?

25.   Mult Choice - As written in Devarim - If Bnei Yisrael serve Him with a full heart Hashem will bring what in it's time? (11:14)

26.  Where is Nachal Arnon?                

27.  Where is Nachal Yabok?               

28.  In 4:6 Hashem says that he chose Bnei Yisrael for what 2 reasons? 

29.  According to 34:6 what  does no one know "ad hayom hazeh

30.  Where was Har Navo? (34:1)

31.  What pasuk iin Sefer Devarim is said to give us protection when we say it?

32.  According to the Devarim version whose idea was it to send the meraglim?

33.  What does the Ramban point out that Moshe leaves out of his telling of the meraglim's story?

34. (Multiple Choice) Describe where the pasuk in Sefer Devarm is that mention's Moshe's yad hachazakah?

a. beginning b. very beginning c. middle   d. end   e. very end

35.  About what tribe does Moshe say that Hashem should be an "eizer mitzarav.?" (33:7)

36.  About whom does Moshe say that they should "live and not die?"(33:6)

37.  In what parshah does Moshe call Hashem a Tzadik?  (He'ezinu 32:4)

38.  Lo Bashamayim hee - one point for the two main opinions of what this refers to.

39.  The Rambam says that other nations will be impressed with us even by our keeping of what kind of mitzvot?

40.  In Sefer Devarim the words "Arami Oveid Avi" are stated as part of what rekigious ceremony? 

41  In Parshat Shoftim (17:11) we are told not to deviate from what the Chachamim tell us- even if they tell us what?

42.  What are we told not to do, right after we are told "Banim atem la'Hashem
Elokeichem?" - 14:1 - Re'eh 

43.  What is he connection between the 2 parts of Q42?

44.  Give the three Hebrew words of the Torah that tell us in Parshat Devarim that G-d is the only one who truly judges.

45.  How many speeches are in Devarim and what are they each about?

46.  What four word description is used repeatedly in Sefer Devarim for Yerushalayim? 

47.  What does Moshe tell the Jewish People that they must set up on the day that they cross the Yarden?(27:2-3)

48.    According to Rashi (9:10), why is the word לוחת spelled without the second vav?

49. What date do Shiriyah 5774 and the start of Devarim share?

Fill in the blanks:

  1. Al pi ___eidim o ____ eidim  tumat hameit.
  2. Ki lo yechdal _____ mikerev ______. (evyon, ha’arretz)
  3. Kochi ve’______ yadi sasah li et ha_____ hazeh. otzem,   chayil
  4. Hatzur tamim _____ ki kol derachav ________. Tamim, mishpat
  5. Lo tachrosh be_____ u______ yachdav.
  6. Ki ha’adam ______ _______.
  7. Hashkifah mi’meon _______ min ________.
  8. Motzi _____tizkor, va’asitah ka’asher _______.


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