Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pieces of A Snowy Day During Yeshiva Break

I'm staying with dad.  It's snowing hard.  it's 9:23 AM, as I start writing.

I'm enjoying teaching a mishmar setion this year in Avot.  I've been looking at some of what I may say next.

7:16 PM

2:5 - Al tifrosh min hatzibbur connects to Taanit 11a  If you stick with the larger community during hard times then you will merit to be with them in the good times - and if not, not.

To me this brings to mind an episode of the little rascals. They cut school. So they don't have to do work or take tests, etc.  but when they come back to school they find out that everyone got ice cream and they didn't get. The idea is that if you're not with the group for bad or for good.  It's not a punishment that if a Jew separates himself from his people that he won't be with them for The Redemption. It's simply that when you separate then you are separated.

11:03 PM

Had a nice day cocooned inside from the big snowstorm, spending time and sharing space with dad.

I'm reading this book and it's pretty good, I just fear that it's going to take a turn deep into fantasy/sci-fi territory.

"If fidgets were Wikipedia edits, I would have completely revamped the entry on guilt by now, and translated it into five new languages." - Mr.Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore, page 80


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