Thursday, December 26, 2013

From You

This morning during Shmoneh Esrei I noticed that we ask for wisdom and we stress that we want it to be wisdom from G-d ("Vechaneeinu mei'itchah deah, binah, vehaskeil). In Shmoneh Esrei we ask G-d for many things, why here specifically do we mention, seemingly redundantly, that we want what we're asking from to come from Him?

I think that it's a strong question, maybe stronger than my attempts at answers to the question. Here are my thoughts: This is the first brachah in which we request something, so maybe my putting it here we're setting the tone and saying this applies to all the ones that follow. we're saying that we can get things in different ways and on different levels, but we want what we get to be as pure and direct from G-d as possible.And, perhaps, wisdom more than other things really needs to be pure and holy and is something we need to be extra careful about.


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