Sunday, December 15, 2013

Parent Teacher Meetings

12:19 PM - I've had 47 meetings since 9:30 AM. It's felt non-stop because it's been non-stop.

12:27 PM - 49

12:35 PM - 51.  Lunch break is 12:30-1:00.  Gotta run, eat, run back here.

1:05 PM - Back from quick lunch and quick minchah minyan. At 52. (One of the 2 new was a colleague who a parent who spoke with me during lunch.  Also followed up with an administrator regarding a student. I feel like less parents will be pouring in now. Still, there's a lot of paper and technical and prep work to do.

1:23 PM - 56.  Positive feedback is gratifying.

1:28 PM - 58

1:51 - Breathing for a second, no-one on line... 67.

To letting people be real, to give therm space, to listen is a great honor for a human being to have and one that this human being in particular is grateful to have the opportunity to embrace.

2:02 PM - A parent (of a student I taught years ago) just broke down crying to me.  My heart goes out.

2:30 PM - 74.

2:33 - One more nice one...

2:47 PM - 77.

It may be boring to just read these numbered statistics.  But between each number are human beings and human interactions. And I cherish these moments.

2:57 - 78. Working on accommodations, challenges, needs of a specific student.

3:12 PM - Took first bathroom break.  Someone made a comment.  Grabbed a drink and a snack on way back into meeting room. Number 79 went well, thank G-d.

3:48 PM - 82

3:58 PM - Unless someone comes in under the wire, looks like we're going to cap it at 83.

I thank G-d that I have a meaningful job, in which I connect to people


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