Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thoughts On Teaching and Life

Now, it's after Shabbos, Prairie Home Companion is on and I'm recalling when a student told me that her parents were taking her to see the show and they googled it and my blog came up.

Shabbos was wonderful, spent time with some of my favorite, most amazing people- a dear family I've seen (mostly) grow (and sometimes shrink) for many (20+) years.

Someone over Shabbos mentioned how smart a shul was for using in a Chesed day ad the expression "a day of thanks and giving." I thought it was clever.  And then I passed by a clothing store with a flyer in the window announcing another project with the same slogan.


The above was written on the other other side of this morning, last night.  Now it's 6:20 AM and to the best of my knowledge the next minyan available is at 7:20.

I woke up early, even though I set Snoozester to call me at a more timely time, and when I awoke my clock, still on old time had me think that it was time to get up.  But I was an hour ahead of schedule.


As I type, Hashika by Kol Achai plays on my Ipad.  I wish I could find it online and share it with you, it's beautiful.

A couple of months ago I called someone and when they asked where i was I said that I was doing school work in a Starbucks.  They had trouble understanding the concept of preferring not to do work at home, because it's harder to get things done at home. What do you think of that concept? It comes to mind now because I've been out of my home all day, and I like it that way- particularly on a Sunday.

It's almost 7 though and I think it's soon time to go home.  But first one or two more work emails...


Something went slightly awry with blogger today, so there arew a few posts on top of eachother with pieces from earlier and later together.  This is, in part because of blogger, and my not being able to access some things I'd drafted from other computers.

It's now 8:48 PM and I am about to share information that I don't know that anyone needs to know.  I'm wearing a new white shirt.  And it got a little black spot on it (a smudge that came from a candle I have burning).  So I used my tide stick, and in a minor freak accident I poked a whole in the fabric while trying to rub out the stain.  I don't think I'm comfortable wearing it with this little hole.  Gam zu letovah.

In a lot of posts that I wrote when I visited my dad I put the words "you can't go home again." Originally this was because this seemed relevant, then there came an added reason, so that one day I could easily search and find those posts.  It's been about 6 months since I've been to my father's house.  He's presently staying in my brother's home after being in the hospital and rehab.  Let's all hope for continued improvement for my miracle man dad- Binyamin ben Chanah. I'm not sue that the search thing worked. These are the posts that come up when those words are searched.


9:26 PM - Going to call it a night.  I am grateful to G-d for my life, for this night.

Here's the start of a poem, that I've been working on- thinking about my little town:

Today I'll bus it back to Bayside
Bike to Baskin Robins or Carvel
Check in with The Dimes Savings Bank
Sit by Alley Pond with a Rav Kook book

I'll go to a bazaar in The Gold Room
Take a Karate class while I'm there
Visit upstairs where I went to first grade
Even use the Young Israel to pray in...


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