Sunday, September 08, 2013

5 Points of Gratitude.

They say the key to a good gratitude list is to switch it up. So here's an off the cuff and out of the mod gratitude list.

I am grateful that up to this point in my life many people have trusted me with their treasured secrets. I have the bond of trust and kept these truths close to the vest and close to my heart. I look forward to continuing to be a safe and sacred vault for people to bring their private truths.

I am grateful that I have a meaningful job.

I am grateful that I have an amazingly kind and hardworking and honest and invested person that assists me in cleaning my apartment. This is big.  I am grateful to G-d and to my dear friend that shared and continues to share this amazing human being and great worker with me.

I am grateful that I my prayer and dream of writing and sharing what I write regularly has been answered in reality.

I am grateful to have been on a path of losing weight consistently, and slowly, for about half a year now and that I am committed and set to continuing in this way, for the sake of my health, and for the sake of Heaven.


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