Friday, August 02, 2013

Shabbat Shalom

5:30 PM - Been here with dad fr the past hour plus.  He ate, I ate.  We looked at his stock quotes om my computer.  We spoke about the latest movies, how his Daily News gave The Spectacular Now five stars.

It's a big weekend, the American pre-wedding celebration of my nephew's wedding. Dad will be leaving the rehab place for the meals in shul and I'll have the honor of accompanying him.

May we all be blessed with happy occasions and the health of body and spirit to enjoy them.

5:52 PM - Wishing everyone a Shabbat Shalom. May we be blessed to grow in happiness and faith and truth and and and and  and.!/search/song?q=Diaspora+Yeshiva+Band+Shabbat+Shalom


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