Monday, July 15, 2013


Ways to Bring Yourself Down: Don't Do What You Need to Do

Don't take care of your health

Don't pursue social options

Don't leave the house

Don't reach out

Don't return calls or emails

Don't look for support where you know you'll get it, look where the past makes you pretty sure you won't get it

Don't eat in a healthy, balanced way

Don't have close relationships

Don't have a circle of friends/family

Don't live in the present; fret over the past, worry about the future

Don't use your time productively

 Don't curtail your internet time, 

Don't say no to anything or anyone

Don't connect with G-d by pursuing things that bring you close to Him


Ways to Bring Yourself Up: Do What You Need to Do

Do the reverse of all of the above


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