Saturday, July 20, 2013

Post Shabbos Nachamu Post

Learned some nice Torah over Shabbos.

Reb Shlomo Carlebach said that "Hashem ro'i lo echsar" can be read "lo echaser."  He said that because He knows, is secure in his belief, that G-d is His shepherd He does not diminish anyone else's beliefs. If he meets someone into Budhism he can talk to them comfortably without feeling threatened and share how some ideas overlap with Judaism, strike a connection.  When asked about the root of his success in bringing people back to Judaism he said that he didn't know but he thought that maybe this was part of it. He ventured to say that people who are uncomfortable talking with people of other beliefs may be a bit shaky in their faith of Hashem as their one and only shepherd.

I also heard two things Reb Shlomo said when he performed in Germany and was asked by a German why he didn't hate the Germans after they;d wiped out his family.  On one occasion he said that we have one heart not two. if we had two then one could be for love and the other for hate.  Since we only have one we have to choose if it will be a heart of love or a heart of hatred.
He said that he chose to make his heart a heart of love.

On another occasion he said the following: A doctor is trained to be careful not to catch the illness of the sick person he is treating. He needs to stay healthy to be able to help the sick people. Reb Shlomo explained he wanted to heal the haters.  if he became a hater himself he wouldn't be able to help those filled with hate. So he had to keep hatred out of his heart so he could assist, with love, those whose hearts were filled with hatred.


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