Tuesday, July 09, 2013

4:24 PM - Sitting with my miracle man dad in his rehab facility. Left home for the horse and buggy route at 11:20. Got here a bit before 2.  The carriage lanes can only go so fast.  Dad wants me to check something on the computer for him. GTG.

5:12 PM - Dad is finishing his dinner.

The market is up for the third day in a row.

Since I'm here 3 friends called dad on his cell.

It's the nine days.  I'm reminded of my friend's definition of Galus - wanting to do the right thing but not knowing what it is.

Tomorrow's plan is to represent my school in visiting 5 camps.

I'm sitting with dad, the TV's on.  It's good to just share space with him, and have him be himself. Thank G-d.

5:28 PM - Here are some poems from my diary, written two Sundays ago:

G-d is always here
At a bus station, Kotel
It is we who change
If we are less present
The connection weakens


Can arguments help?
By definition they don't
Discussions? Maybe.


Do SUVs prove
Anything at all in life?
Maybe in due time
I will understand these cars
And the people who drive them


I don't like to fight
At least not on the outside
My inside suffers


5:35 PM - Putting the computer away.  Hope to write more from home.

9:45 PM - Just got home. This picture  post just came to mind from back when it was a set thing for me to go to Staten Island for the first days of Sukkos.  I miss that. Still, getting to Staten Island and back is a schlep that I never pine for in and of itself.

10:29 PM - It's hot enough for everyone.  And I am tired.  Hopefully not dehydrated.

11:31 PM - I put up a blog post. How meta was that?

Thoughts and other things are getting blurred
I don't know if I can stand for this any more
Realty in quotes will soon give way to dreams
Eventually tried gets jumbled into this feeling
Death will soon give a brief sneak preview

A way to be when not asleep, to one degree or another
Why is this state so highly rated when it's just one option?
A while goes by and you feel more or less focused
Keep away from caffeine, sugar, and lesser uppers
Eventually we will realize that this part was the dream

11:45 PM - Good night and G-d Bless
He wrote, still, living alone
Writing to billions


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