Sunday, April 21, 2013

Jed Camp - Part II (

1:48 PM - Session 4 is starting.  I facilitated an improv related discussion during the third slot.  It was a good conversation about flexibility in teaching and in life, I think.

1:50 PM - The day is mainly about transformation and change. The facilitator of this group has boldly chosen the question of whether or not the system needs changing based on technology or anything else or if we just need to adapt to the needs of our students rather than adopting a new approach.

1:56 PM - The discussion is presently about whether or not the world has really changed or if we're just more aware of how things are, which is pretty much the way they were, just it wasn't kept track of in the same way...

2:01 PM - This is a pleasant and calm discussion about how the more things change the more they stay the same and that technology should not be used for technology's sake. The question was raised - do we need Twitter or if a teacher uses Twitter in the class room is ait an example of the tail wagging the dog?

2:06 PM - Someone is saying that technology is relevant and should be considered as we plan and teach.

Shakespeare was just compared to a blackboard, both are teaching tools.

2:12 PM - R Wolbe was just quoted as saying that if someone leans a certain way in learning they should work on the things that they don't lean towards.  Then if they see they keep gravitating back to what they leaned toward originally then they should return to that.

I have enjoyed this day (there's a half hor left in this, the last session).  It's nice to talk to others in the field, to listen and to learn.

Someone just walked in and is saying that she finds it scary that we are sending kids out into the world and that they don't know how to access what's out there. She feels that there is some standard of what kids should be expected to know when he leaves high school. We're returning to the first discussion of the day (that she and the facilitator and I were each in...

2:21 PM - Someone is now talking about this article from today's NY Times about online courses.

2:31 PM - The session ended with someone sharing a story about a kid that switched from a yeshiva to a highly rated public school.  The student and parents feel that the yeshiva's teachers did a much better job than those in the public school.  This person who shared this is not a teacher in Frisch but she did mention that the school the student and parents rated highly was The Frisch School.

234 PM - People are making their way up and out for mincha.  This was a meaningful and fulfilling and enjoyable way to spenf 6 hours on a Sunday.


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Here is the video: see about 7 min in.

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Thanks so much. I had very much wanted to link to it and had trouble finding it.

April 22, 2013 at 11:51 AM  

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