Monday, February 04, 2013

Thoughts At The End Of The Day

The other day someone mentioned that they have a blog and I replied, "I've had a blog so long that I had it when people used to read blogs." 

I wrestle with hunger.  Is hunger ever just about food?  Food is a survival tool.  And there are such tools.  And for all of these we hunger.

A sigh breaks the body of a person (Brachot 58). I need to cut down.

How does one balance the adage that "a prisoner can not free himself from jail" with the statement that "the matter depends only on our self?"

Something about personality tests doesn't sit right with me.  It's like knowing me through my blog or seeing me do stand up and then meeting me.  I tend to be more outgoing and confident in my writing, as I am more comfortable at a podium.  I have elements of introvert and extrovert, to strong degrees, in different contexts.  Part of me wants to be running and jumping all the time, and another part of me just wants to be alone with a book. I have the paradoxical personality of a performer.

I wonder who is reading these words.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I wonder who is reading these posts."

I am. And enjoying every word!

Shloime TAS

February 7, 2013 at 6:11 AM  

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