Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Glimpsing A Day

Friends of mine had a dog who grew old but thought he was a puppy till the end. He was confused when people were scared of his size or when he himself felt the effects of time.  It recently dawned on me how similar I am to that dog.

We don't feel the age ascribed us
Not in our dreams
Not in our dreams
The child inside us never dies
You couldn't kill him if you tried


Monday was the Yahrtzet of the Opa I never met.  My father's father passed away suddenly, tragically, before I was born.  The following Dvar Torah is in his memory: I heard this at a Semichah luncheon years ago and meant to ask Ravvi Zevulun Charlop who he had quoted.  I forgot and keep forgetting.

In one place we're told that this world is compared to darkness.  In another place we're told by The Rabbis that this world is a beautiful banquet hall.  Which is it?  The answer is that both are true.  This world is a beautiful place, but it's covered in darkness.  Torah is the light that reveals the beauty of this life.

My nephew just started sending out his second Torah email.  The first, going on for years, is an essay on the parsha.  the new one includes a recording, notes, and a list of sources connected to a weekly halachah class he's started teaching.  May this teaching and living of Torah be a merit for the soul of Mordechai Dov ben Eliezer.


I met with twelve students today, taught three classes, had supervision, and am now stopping to breathe on this winter evening.  It's 5:50 and parent teacher meetings are from 6:30-9:30. Dinner is being served upstairs and I need to eat something before the conferences start.

I read the following idea on the "Surf A Little Torah" (SALT) site.  Rabbi David Silverberg points out that the technical commant to donate for the Mishkan precedes the famous line that explains the poibnt of the Mishkan.  This is a rerminder that our observance of halachah must come before our understanding of the meaning behind it.  This resonated for me and for a student I shared it with today.  I'm a big fan for understanding, but active commitment comes first.

Time to enter the crowd
Crowd be not proud


Thank G-d for a rich and fulfilling day:

Good night and G-d bless
Red Skelton's dear closing words
Belong to me too


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