Sunday, January 13, 2013

Vaeirah - Learned On Shabbos Edition

 In the opening line we're told that G-d/Elokim spoke to Moshe and told him that he was Hashem.  The Midrash (as tweaked by the Alshich) notes the change in wording and explains it as follows: G-d judged Moshe for (at the end of Parshat Shmot) complaining that since he was sent to Paroh things got worse for the Jews.  Then, as it was clear that Moshe did this only out of his care for the Jewish People G-d approached Moshe with mercy. This is reflected in the usage of vayedaber, which connotes harsh talk, at the start of the pasuk, and vayomer which indicated a more gentle way of speaking, at the end of the line.


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