Saturday, January 19, 2013

Good Vuch

I was just thinking that one day I'll search the words "home again" to find posts in which I used that phrase, which I often evoke from the basement of my youth (that may sound poetic but it's physically where the computer is in my dad's - hslabw - house, where I am once again, at this moment.  I just made one day into now and searched that term.

Not sure what else to add.  I am grateful to G-d for so many things that are in my life.

This paragraph from AM Homes' May We be Forgiven (page 299) resonated for me in relation to how I sometimes think i have so much to write and then it doesn't flow:

"All that comes out is so short, as though the story has sucked itself back into the deep ether, like a tragic genie racing back into the bottle."


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