Monday, January 28, 2013

Four Moments In A Day

11:30 AM - Last night I bade farewell to winter break.  It's good to be back in school.  I hope I don't get thrown out of the union for saying that.  Good thing I'm not in a union.

Dovid HaMelech said "This is the day G-d made, let's rejoice and be happy during it(Tehillim 118:24)." He doesn't specifically state of which day he speaks. Why not? I think that when he says "this is the day" he means not a holiday or outstanding life cycle event, but every day. I am mostly feeling grateful today to belong to a wonderful world.  I've taught two classes with more to come, also coming up are a guidance staff meeting and individual meetings with kids.  Good stuff.

On more than one occasion I've heard Rabbi Abraham Twerski speak about presenting a lecture and getting positive feedback except for one person who made a negative remark. It happens.  And it's happened to him that he focused on that one negative comment rather than the many positive ones.

I think that more important and less highlighted than loshon harah is ayin harah (not in the superstitious sense). We have the ability to choose to notice and to focus on the positive in any situation. I walked out of my second of two enjoyable classes this morning and exchanged pleasant words in the hall with one student after another when I suddenly encountered rudeness from an interrupting colleague. It pinched and I was tempted to carry the pinch and allow it to override all the joy and happiness of this day.  Why would I do that? Because I'm human.  And yet. May you and I and everyone be blessed to focus on the good and to  feel good on this day G-d made for us.

6:15 PM - I just arrived at my home.  Our Town just entered my mind.  I am recalling that scene when Emily Gibb comes down from the other world and views her life. To me it's a wow as she realizes how every moment of every day on earth is precious.  That's how I'm feeling right now.

8:17 PM - Been on the phone trying to do my job, to help students. I don't know and can't imagine other work.  I know teaching.  I know it is timeless.

11 PM - Time for sleep after a long rich day.  It was a good one.  I've let the glitches slide away.  I forgive all and hope I am forgiven for anyway I fell short today.

Goodnight and May G-d bless


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