Thursday, January 10, 2013

10:43 AM - Whatever happens Thursday night the freshmen had a major Shiriyah victory (25-9) this morning, beating the sophomores in Torah Bowl (written and run by yours truly) by a wide margin.

3:50 PM - In another upset, the juniors just defeated the seniors in college bowl, 20-15.

I love running Torah Bowl for Shiriyah.  I've been doing it for about 15 years, was the one to start this part of Shiriyah and carry it forward.  It's an honor to be part of this unique format for the teaching and learning of Torah.

11:59 PM - 

There is a world which we need to touch
So let's not think about our selves too much

And yet, if we don't work on our insides
It's inevitable that we will hide

Rather than find the song we alone sing
Hide from everyone and everything

So may G-d bless us to stand strong and stout
by looking in and then stretching out

Good night and G-d bless
in every way shape and form
us all, everyone


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