Monday, December 31, 2012

In Vivo

Taught, did guidance, taught again, guidance again.  Now breathing.

In Chumash we're learning about the negative power of complaints and the reverse message of that - the positive power of appreciation.  The downfall of the generation that left Egypt was their proclivity to complain and their inability to be trustful and appreciative.  This is a strong message about our relationship with G-d as well as our relationship with others.

I learned a bit with a student from a book he borrowed from the library - Praying With Fire by Rabbi Heshy Kleinman. In the forward Rabbi Yisroel Reisman speaks about the need to balance two elements of prayer. The two aspects are asking for our needs to be met on the one hand and working on our belief in g-d as the source of all blessings on the other hand. We seem to ask for things that we may not need because it reinforces our faith that G-d is the sole provider of all anyone needs.

Off to a Guidance staff meeting followed by Public Speaking class followed by another Guidance meeting.


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