Monday, December 10, 2012

2105 Blackrock Avenue - Part II

Wow. I am grateful to my cousin Rachel who really helped bring back memories.

The Living Room

In the living room window when Grandma and Grandpa lived  there was never an air-conditioner, always that big window fan. There was a bookcase in the back wit
h old sefarim and siddurim that Grandpa would tape up and restore (and as sundown approached on our Sunday visits he'd ask with urgency and concern, "Did you daven mincha yet?"). There was a covered bed/couch in the back of the room. Then in the corner a table with a lamp and the main couch with the crisp plastic cover. The TV was in the front to the right of the window. Grandpa watched from the chair (blue?) by the TV, where he always sat. He used to cut out articles and pictures and put them in albums. He liked to share them with customers and other people and "make them smile." There was a cabinet with stuff in it, most prominently a big chocolate Hersheys bar that lasted forever and from visit to visit, it also had in it's drawers below various fun kids paper plates.

Grandpa wasn't picky about what he watched. Grandma loved her soaps; We'd sometimes watch - during the week - Days of Our Lives. She didn't like Alan Alda's voice on M*A*S*H, found it unusually nasal. We enjoyed Carol Burnett's show together as a late night treat when I stayed for a weekend. The TV was often on and I remember random movies and shows that played during visits (the original Mission Impossible TV show, a disturbing TV movie called "The Girl Most Likely To...") The most historic thing I remember watching there on a Sunday visit was live news coverage about Woodstock...


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