Sunday, December 09, 2012

2105 Black Rock Avenue

I starting googling my grandparents' apartment - not knowing why. Then I realized that O.A.R's Black Rock was playing.

This is 2105 Black Rock Avenue. It's not a long block but it's a whole wo
rld if it's the block you live on. It is the block where Jenny From the Block grew up. My mom and my uncle grew up there. My grandparents grew old there. I used to visit it regularly when I was growing up, sometimes staying over for long blocks of time.

Here are the 3 times I wrote about this place.

Pam Mashevsky has informed me that - "During the Great Depression, the interior decorator Dorothy Draper wrote in her newspaper column that even if you couldn't afford to fix up your place like you'd like to, you could paint the front door red to bring a boost to your home--and millions of people did just that, and kept on doing it."

My apartment building has a lot of red in it on the doors and walls of the halls (not in the apartments themselves).  I think the paint style and 
general feel in of the apartment building is part of why my grandparents apartment is often featured in my dreams. (That plus their place having a big place in me.)


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