Friday, November 02, 2012


6 AM - I just posted this Dvar Torah on Vayeira from my dear friend Josh Hoffman.My dear friend Rabbi Tzefanya - Ralph Kreger is staying over, stuck due to the storm.  He's the chaplain at Columbia Hospital.  I'm off from school due to lack of electricity there. Heading out to 6:30 minyan.

Click here for 3 more essays on Vayeira (and one on how the end leads into Chayei Sarah from an original angle).

7:23 AM - Back from minyan.  I thought of two things regarding Shmoneh Esre:

1 - Bekarov Beyameinu sounds slightly redundant.  Perhaps the meaning is that Jerusalem should be rebuilt  in our days (obviously asap) and that it should happen in a way that is close to us, i.e. that we are involved in the process.

2 - Ashrei yoshvei beitecha od yehalelucha  - It's not such a tremendous feat to praise someone when you are in their house, particularly G-d.  But praiseworthy and happy and blessed is the person for whom the experience spills over and they continue on and and (od) with the praise long after they've started walking on the road out of the house.

5:20 PM - I'm sick with a coldish flu-ish thing.

Shabbos is coming . Thank G-d.

When the bride appears
as the sun peacefully sets
there's nothing to say


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