Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Hurricane Sandy Poems

Trying to be in a moment is impossible
Like trying not to be an ironic cliché
These are my thoughts, struggling, breathing
On this historic, howling, hurricane day


Denying and believing are a complicated pair
One without the other underneath is truly rare
Sometimes faith and doubt seem one and the same
Such are the machinations of our soul’s twisted game


It’s confounding, will I ever understand
To what degree life is or isn’t in my hands?
I’m so often hungry, rarely for food
Anxious to control my life, my mood
Most people like it, I guess it’s not a crime
But I much prefer when my words don’t rhyme
And yet and yet and yet sometimes I cave
And base my rhythm on the way “they” behave
I need to take who I am and then with that give
In the end that’s the measure of a life lived

(3 things I wrote over the last few days)


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