Sunday, October 28, 2012

"I See The World In Her for She Means The World to Me" - from "Sandy," By Harry Chapin

Friday - 2 PM - I am fond of this piece and honored that along with this one my collegue, Racheli Weiss, used my ideas and formulations in her Lech Lechah related shiur last night for the school's girls.

It's 2PM and as often happens on Friday I'm working in my office.  Also, as often happens I am being visited by a wonderful student named Ben Glass, who is waiting for his ride home. I just asked him if he has any message for my blog readers. He says he is is left speechless by this daunting task and has chosen instead to eat more of my Paskesz sour chews.  "They really taste very good," says Ben.

Motzai Shabbat Kodesh - 7:35 PM - I have gone home again.  Spent Shabbos with dad.  I am with cold, trying to ward it off as best as possible...

I never know for sure what to share or where to share it.

I just wrote this haiku:

Loneliness connects
along with depth and beauty
Deep beautiful us

I took this picture some years ago while walking from my school's old building to the bus.  It's funny (not ha-ha) that it's a picture of leaves because I took it shortly before we were to leave that area behind.  I dug up this photo because it's fall and I'm thinking about leaves and change.  What a remarkable thing it is that every year the leaves fall off, dead.  And then they are reborn.

It's 7:42 PM now, amazing how time is always moving forward.

Sunday - 10:04 AM - Back from Shul with dad.  In the basement writing on his Acer desktop (how many people own one of those?). Heading home soon.  Will probably be off line for a while, though i hope to get things fixed.  Already I've spent about two hours on the phone with the tech support at Earthlink and they have been laid back and pretty unhelpful - there's no almost with Internet connection - either you have it or you don't.

Here's a poem i wrote before sleep last night:

Life isn't a bowl of fun
I worry about everyone
It's late, don't know what to say
Except that for you and you i pray
Sitting here thinking, taking stock
Looking at sailboats and grandfather clocks
Thinking of friends Would, Could, and Should
In the basement of my childhood
Bad weather is an elephant in the room
I'm in denial about the hurricane that looms
And yet even as in the darkness i grope
I am filled with more than enough hope
I yearn one day to make it all right
I'd like to start by sleeping well tonight

Wishing everyone a great day every day.


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