Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Post RH Post

Just got home from Yom Tov. Stopped in Golan Heights. A guy came over to me and asked if I was New York's Funniest Rabbi. He said he really enjoyed when I spoke at YU last year and that I "put all the Rosh Yeshivas to shame." He said that he hopes I speak as a Shabbos guest again this year.

In Shirat HaYam, the new biography of Rabbi Yaakov Moshe Charlop, which I read some of on Rosh HaShanah this story appears on page 342: When Rav Kook passed away Rav Charlop felt pushed by heaven to say to the Chevra Kadisha that they should know whose body they were doing a taharah on. He stated some of the great merits of Rav Kook and told them that Rav Kook had not looked at a woman from the day he was 9 years old and that he was in the category of Yosef HaTzadik. He said that the Chevra Kadisha was moved and he himself almost fainted.


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