Friday, September 14, 2012

Erev Shabbos

3:43 PM - Shlomo Katz' live in Melbourne is playing.  I just got home, miraculously.  I was walking down River Road toward Route 4, coming from Jefferson.  Probably about a half hour walk.  A kind, dear colleague "happened" to appear in his car and offer me a ride to my door. Wow.I am grateful to him.  Thank G-d.  It save me about an hour and a half and camel and buggy time.

I am tired yet fulfilled.  been working hard in my guidance and teaching responsibilities.  Also, been taking better care of myself than in the past, in terms of eating, sleeping, and exercising and I'm pleased about that.

I have so much to say.  And yet.  Going to head to dad soon.

4:07 PM - Another miracle.  Last Sundat while walking toward the Metropolitan museum of art I bought a print from an artist on the street. They made me put the small plastic bag with the picture inside in the coat check and I forgot to take it several hours later after viewing the museum and exiting through the gift shop. It was a busy week in my world and I didn't get to retrieve my little bag. I just called the museum and not only did they find it but they offered to mail it to me for free.How cozy.

6:52 PM - Another miracle, safely made it in a timely fashion to be with my dad - hslabw - for Shabbos.

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