Monday, July 16, 2012

Who Likes Nice?

-By Ethel Olicker 9/92.

Who likes nice?
Nice is warm ice.
Mothers of older sons like nice.
"I know a nice girl for you"
Fathers of nubile daughters like "nice".
"I want you to meet my partner's son,
such a nice boy".
Daughters used to reassure their mothers
"Don't worry, mama, he's a nice boy".
Grandmas want their grandchildren
to have friends who are nice.
Nice is the kiss of death
when you are burning for the flame
of life.
Yet nice is good to live with,
to depend on,
good in a father
or mother.
For those who fear a burning,
yet don't relish freezing,
caught between fire and ice,
the intermediary nice
may/must suffice

This poem was mailed to me by the author after she read an interview with me in the paper that brought this to mind for her.


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