Sunday, July 29, 2012

The fast is over.  This year everything is allowed tonight other than meat.  And yet.

I wrote half of this at Minchah time and the second half following Maariv:

Isaiah says
G-d is near
He can be found

Isaiah says
G-d's thoughts
are not ours
His ways
not our ways

Isaiah says
rain falls
to nurture
so too G-d's word
does not return

I pray
for G-d to be close
Please, may I find him

I say
I feel G-d's closeness
when I internalize
how different 
we are

I hope
Tisha Be'Av
does not go
before you and I
and all of us
have changed

May we be blessed to be there for each other in difficult times, to have someone there for us, to know that G-d is with us always, to know that we always have and can count on our selves.  G-d please help us to come away strengthened from this day that weaked us for the moment.  I know that after I take one drink, one bite, things will feel different - as the strengths and weaknesses of being human enter my picture again.  G-d, please bless us all to feel secure about our questions.


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